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Our Ethos

We believe that every Delta Galil employee contributes to the Company’s success, helping envision and bring to life a world of possibilities with their unique talents and diverse voices. Our employees are both our most important stakeholders and our most important assets, and we are focused on their health, happiness, and safety, and—by extension—on our ability to continue to attract and retain the best of the best and keep them fully invested in our success.

One Love

This video celebrates the people of Delta Galil, and our belief that every voice counts. Delta Galil invited close to 400 associates to its Caesaria headquarters in 2019 to celebrate the Company’s value of diversity. Led by social phenomenon Koolulam, the entire group sang a multi-part vocal arrangement of the iconic Bob Marley song One Love to symbolize how every voice contributes to the Company’s success and growth.

Diversity, Equity And Inclusion At Delta Galil

"Diversity – whether expressed through language, culture or the way in which we accept those different from us– isn’t just a value or a way of life, it is the very foundation of our success here at Delta."
-Isaac Dabah, CEO

At Delta Galil, the fabric of our Company is woven from a diverse and colorful mix of people. We employ about 25,000 individuals from all walks of life who represent the diversity in our society, and we encourage fair opportunity for every employee regardless of gender, faith, race, sexuality, disability, language or culture.

Our founder Dov Lautman made it his life’s work both inside and outside of the Company to encourage diversity. His belief was that in a society composed of diverse ethnic communities, promoting co-existence, tolerance and cooperation between all is the highest virtue. He saw diversity as integral to fair employment, recognizing and appreciating the myriad benefits and outcomes it brings. His legacy lives on not only in the culture of Delta Galil, but through the various actions of The Lautman Foundation. Founded in 2008, the foundation’s mission is to promote a culture of equity in Israel through awareness campaigns, educational programs and the annual Dov Lautman Conference on Educational Policy.

Today, we are proud of Delta Galil’s rich history of diversity and equitable culture, and we see this as a distinct advantage. We believe that different people with diverse backgrounds and cultures bring fresh ideas and perspectives that foster creativity and contribute significantly to the Company’s growth and innovation culture. Our employees are designing the future of Delta Galil, and our priority is to create an environment in which every individual is—and feels—truly valued.

Gender Equity At Delta Galil

Gender equity has been a tenet of Delta Galil’s ethos since its inception. The Company has strived to create an egalitarian environment, and we are proud that women made up 77% of our workforce and 53% of our management team at the end of 2020. As we look towards the future, our goal is to continue to empower women across our value chain and communities through various programs, female-focused marketing initiatives and charitable efforts.

Be Yourself: Wellbeing At Delta Galil

We are firmly committed to providing our employees with safe work environments, and our continuous improvement culture is dedicated to keeping our employees out of harm's way.

With so many diverse backgrounds, life stages, and occupations, we focus on offering a variety of benefits to our many associates as part of our employee welfare strategy. This includes a robust benefits package for our employees and wellbeing programs tailored to their needs in different countries and cultures, ranging from scholarships for employees' children to courses on financial planning. We are also proud of our Be Yourself program, a holistic initiative offering a wide range of activities encouraging employees to strive for better living, healthier lifestyles, and self-improvement in both their personal and professional lives.

Our vision for this program is that employees will proactively improve their health and happiness and chase their dreams and ambitions. The pillars of the program are as follows.

  • Be Healthy – focus on physical and mental health
  • Be Confident – confidence-building and self-improvement through public speaking and presentation skills development.
  • Be Creative – developing hobbies and personal talents, including arts & crafts and DIY workshops for the entire family.

Growth And Development At Delta Galil

Delta Galil is a learning organization. We understand that employee learning and development are critical for organizational development, growth and success. We invest time and resources to develop human capital by holding training courses and learning programs to promote leadership, professional and organizational skills. These programs ultimately benefit the Company by developing a loyal, satisfied and skilled workforce and creating a positive culture with shared goals and alignment with our success. We encourage our employees to be active partners in building their individual training and development plans.

We tailor our learning processes to the constantly changing business and professional environment. Delta Galil employees undergo training sessions on cybersecurity, workplace safety, sexual harassment, and ethics, and they have access on other professional and managerial topics that help build an innovative, collaborative, and growth-oriented culture.