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The Future

From the very beginning, innovation has been coded into Delta Galil's DNA. Delta Galil founder and MIT graduate Dov Lautman was an industrial pioneer in the textile business, and one of co-founder Eliezer Peleg's most notable contributions to the industry was his work with Italian machine manufacturer Santoni to modify their seamless knitting machine and expand seamless into categories beyond hosiery. Today, Delta Galil is a leader in seamless intimates and activewear. It is the company’s history of extraordinary innovation, design, and thought leadership that has propelled Delta Galil to the forefront of the industry, resulting in over a decade of sustained growth and success.

Our track record of re-investing 2.5%+ of our annual sales into R&D sets us apart from the broader apparel community and is more consistent with investment rates in the technology sector. Delta Galil operates three cutting-edge R&D centers around the world, with a focus on fabric innovation in Israel, performance socks in Oregon, and bras in China. With 7 registered and 12 pending patents as well as other proprietary technologies, Delta Galil creates products that offer groundbreaking solutions to everyday problems. Design that is human centered. Fabrics woven for performance. Textiles that move with you. Manufacturing rooted in sustainable and eco-friendly practices. Style that is on-trend.

Our Mission

To continuously grow our position as a global leader in intimates and activewear through innovation and creativity while staying true to our social and environmental ideals.

Our Vision

To create a next generation apparel company, harnessing the power of innovation and technology.

Our Philosophy

Body before fabric™ is the vision behind our innovation approach which examines human physiology, the body's interaction with different textiles, and people's changing lifestyles, so we can deliver products that are both fashionable and comfortable

A Visionary
Partner of Choice

Delta Galil fuels the growth of global brands with its next-generation fabrics and products. With over 46 years of design and innovation expertise in the intimates and activewear categories, Delta Galil is the preferred partner for iconic, disruptive and digitally native brands.

At Delta Galil, we are designing the future.