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Naturalich. Zeitgeist. Seit 1873.

Founded in 1875, Schiesser is one of Europe’s leading premium intimate apparel brands for men, women and kids, holding Germany’s top market share in men’s underwear and sleepwear, and leading positions in women’s and kid’s. With a focus on high-quality, feel-good fashion for everyday life, Schiesser is known for its fine materials, high-quality workmanship, and longevity. The brand emphasizes innovation and continues to evolve with collections introducing new fabrications, designs, and features.

Schiesser sells to over 4,000 global wholesale customers and can be found in fine department stores, specialty stories, and online stores. Additionally, Schiesser is sold at over 100 brand stores across 40 countries, as well as at the brand’s own e-commerce site.

Schiesser was acquired by Delta Galil in 2012.