Volunteering to help with “Special Olympics” Activities
Delta's employees volunteer at the Special Olympics tournaments in Israel
23 December 2013


Delta’s employees volunteer at the Special Olympics tournaments in Israel.

The Special Olympics Foundation, which was founded in the U.S. in 1968, numbers over three million mentally disabled athletes from 169 nations. Alongside the training and the national competitions, every four years the Foundation stages international games. The Israeli branch of the foundation lists 2,700 Israeli athletes in nine different sports.

The Special Olympics philosophy is that people with special needs can enjoy individual and group sports with guidance and support and derive both physical and emotional benefit.

The cooperation between Delta and the Special Olympics Association in Israel began in 2010. Since the beginning of this cooperation, over 300 employees from the companies in Israel have volunteered as aids at the national competitions, which enable children  and adults, with special needs or who suffer from a mental disability, to overcome their limitations through support and guidance.

The serious and caring Delta Israel employee’s at the Special Olympics tournaments demonstrate the spirit of giving back and are a great ambassador of the Delta spirit.