Management of our supply chain is of utmost importance to our overall environmental responsibility

At Delta Galil we are acutely aware that our operations, across all of our companies and sites, are just one part of a large textile manufacturing chain. We know that our social and environmental impact is much greater than our on-site operations and therefore consider the management of every part of our supply chain to be of utmost importance to our overall environmental responsibility. At Delta Galil we believe that continuous business growth can only be sustained through ethical conduct, so we choose our partners with great care – from joint-venture partners through suppliers and contractors, down to our distributers.

In 2010 Delta Galil began implementing an Environmental Awareness Program. Established with the aim of creating a more environmentally transparent and efficient supply chain, the program helps our suppliers understand the values and principles of a sustainable supply chain. In support of the program we have produced a sustainability guidelines report titled: (AD)Dressing a Sustainable Future. The report presents environmental, social and governance issues that should be addressed by our suppliers, and offers different tools to help with their implementation.

The Key Goal of this Program is to Ensure Sustainability of Our Supply Chain.

In order to achieve our goal, our suppliers were asked to complete yearly questionnaires – these asked about their environmental performance concerning use of raw material, energy consumption and savings, water consumption and recycling, wastewater management, waste and more. In the past suppliers were only asked about environmental issues. In 2013 the questionnaire will be re-written to include social and governance issues. We are also working on a rating system that will help our suppliers measure how they perform in comparison to others. We believe this will promote use of environmentally preferable solutions in our supply chain.

What We Expect of Our Suppliers

To use the (AD)Dressing a sustainable future guidelines to promote sustainability
To join us on the road to improving its sustainability performance
To comply with national and international laws and regulation
To report on activities
To set specific goals, communicate them to management & team and set about implementing them
To use best management practices
To innovate

Each of our business partners receives the Delta Code of Ethics and is required to work according to it, in addition to any applicable legal requirements. We inform our business partners of our expectations and perform on site audits.

We aspire to work only with business partners who share our vision of ethical business conduct and put this approach into practice.