We have implemented a set of principles that outline what we expect, permit and prohibit in terms of business behavior
Our Ethical Code for Proper Business Conduct applies to Delta’s employees, interested parties and business partners. It presents what we expect, permit and prohibit in terms of business behavior.

Delta Galil’s code of ethics, created in 2002 and updated in 2016, outlines our principles for ethical and proper behavior. These principles stem from our vision and values, direct our activity and provide the foundation for the ethical management of the company.

The Ethical Code was updated in January 2011 and distributed (in Hebrew, English and Arabic) to all Delta Galil employees worldwide. The code Includes rules of conduct related to issues such as preventing discrimination and harassment; integrity, fairness and transparency; avoiding conflicts of interest; prohibition of receiving gifts and benefits; precise and timely financial reporting; giving back to the community and environmental protection.

The code of ethics plays a significant role in our daily affairs. We see it as the means for allowing open discussions on ethical issues and generating a wave of positive actions. The code of ethics has been integrated everywhere Delta operates. It is presented in the absorption of new employees and ongoing guidelines of the organization. We have also appointed an ethical trustee from within the company. This is the person to turn to for day to day ethical issues and dilemmas that arise.