Our employees are our most significant resource and believe in fairness, equality, impartiality and respect


We at Delta consider our employees to be our most significant and essential resource. We believe it is our most basic duty to treat each and every employee fairly, equally, impartially and respectfully. Using various tools, including audits and inspections, we ensure our employees’ rights are upheld without exception. In addition, we have established mechanisms to enable all employees, whoever and wherever they may be, to address our management and communicate with them about any issue. Site managements hold quarterly staff meetings with employees to discuss operations and future plans. In addition, we conduct “round table” sessions that provide a space for direct communication between the various levels of employees, allowing them to share information on various matters.

We believe that investing in our employees’ skills contributes to our development and growth as a company and, equally important, to our employees’ personal and professional development. To this end, we conduct various training and seminars at all of our sites throughout the year, in accordance with a pre-set annual training program.

Employee Diversity


Delta Galil’s has a highly diverse employee community, mostly due to the fact that we operate in such a wide variety of countries and geographical locations. Delta employs people from around the world, and we are proud to be a multicultural global company. We believe in mutual respect and coexistence both within the Delta family and among the communities in which we work. We believe employee diversity is advantageous and that our attentiveness to the wide variety of cultures, beliefs, religions and opinions which coexist at Delta’s different sites.