At Delta giving is part of our DNA.
At Delta giving is part of our DNA. Over the years, Delta has donated and took part in many social programs in the state of Israel. Hereunder are some of the donations made today:

The values promoted by Delta:

> Tolerance and respect
> Youth education and advancement
> Providing equal opportunities with an emphasis on peripheral communities

We believe that promoting these values will contribute to a better, healthier, stronger society.

Projects we are involved in:

‘Acharai’ (Follow Me) Association

אחריי Acharai!’ Association was established in 1997 with the aim of creating young leaders and encouraging social involvement among youths living in peripheral communities, before entering the military. The association focuses on self empowerment and team work and works towards developing a love of Israel among the youths. Other activities include leadership courses, community work and supporting youths until the age of 25 through academic preparation courses.




The Be’er Sheva Youth Football League

הפועל_באר-שבעDelta has ‘adopted’ the Be’er Sheva youth football league that develops values and social behaviors, which will lead youths to a more independent and fruitful lives and to becoming upstanding citizens.

Delta’s involvement includes:
  • Mentor program – Personal mentoring of four youths by Delta’s CEO, as well as a personal grant for each of the four youths.
  • ‘Excellence tournament’ with Delta – Twice yearly.
  • ‘Values in sports’ Program – Workshops to build personal values among youths in sporting groups.

The aim of the program is to establish an educational social infrastructure.


Technoda (Tech-Science) Project

טכנודעThe ‘Technoda’ is a center established in 1986, as part of a rehabilitation project aimed at enriching and exposing children from peripheral communities to the fascinating world of science and technology, while providing them with practical skills. On a social level the center aims to bridge gaps by providing exposure to technology to youths from a low socio-economic background.

Delta is contributing to the program by preparing a special syllabus for youths. The syllabus discusses industry and innovation and is based on themes taken from Delta’s ‘world’.




Ethiopian Student Scholarships in cooperation with the University of Haifa

אוניברסיטת-חיפהDelta’s program to encourage academic studies among Ethiopians students and to provide tools for life is a unique opportunity to make a mark on the Ethiopian community and to reduce the academic and social gaps with Israeli society.

Student acceptance into the program is based on their psychometric exam results and socio-economic situation.

The program includes courses in study skills, personal empowerment and preparation for the job market. Starting in the second year, students are required to volunteer in the community for 3 hours a week.





Delta awards 4 scholarships to students studying fashion design and an additional 2 scholarships to students  studying textile design.

They also provide a two months paid summer internship, with the aim of ongoing work within the company.

In addition, the Company has donated, together with the Lautman Fund and the Dabah Family, to the faculty of Textile Design, which is called today The Delta Galil – Dov Lautman faculty for Textile and Design.

The Company has also participated in the ‘Tempos’ project for innovation as a mentor to Shenkar Students.