We believe in giving back to the communities we live and work in


Employee Community Work

The Special Olympics Association was established in the USA in 1968. Today the association includes 190 branches, throughout the world, and promotes sporting activities to people with disabilities to compete in 12 different sporting branches.

Delta employees volunteer at the Special Olympics during work hours. This activity is part of the cultural change the organization is going through.

At Delta Galil we see ourselves as an involved and influential part of society. This standing entails responsibilities expressed in a long legacy of fair conduct in all of our business dealings. Today this legacy is an inseparable part of our business strategy, through which we act to implement standards and operational methods of corporate responsibility throughout the company.

Contribution to the Community

Corporate social responsibility has been part of Delta Galil’s DNA since its establishment in 1975, as such, we are proud to have in place a Giving Policy to give back to the community.
The company’s Giving Policy is part of our overall Social Investment Policy and reflects our approach to social responsibility. Guided by the Giving Policy, we contribute through three main channels:

1. Financial donations

2. Gifts of our products

3. Employee volunteering – practical community work carried out during work hours.

Part of Delta Galil’s Corporate Citizenship is our standing as a large and significant employer. We are proud of our contribution to the economic and social development of the communities in which we work, both as employers and through our community activities.
Through our work in the community we aim to promote values of tolerance, mutual respect, education, and equal opportunity as well as reduce social gaps in the periphery. We believe that promoting these values will help create a better, healthier and stronger society wherever we operate.

Delta’s Donations Policy – A Tradition of Giving and Social Sensitivity

Delta has been assisting the community with financial donations for many years. Mostly, the beneficiaries of our donations, like those of our employee volunteer program, are children and teenagers as well as special needs populations. We believe that by investing in the younger generation we are contributing to the development of our future and producing long-term benefits. We also wish to provide equal opportunities to those who have special needs. We support these populations either by providing very basic needs or by advancing our target populations via educational activities that teach empowerment, personal responsibility, encouragement and leadership.