22 July 2009

Isaac Dabah, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Delta Galil, today announced the appointment of Shlomo Doron as Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Deputy CEO of the Delta Group. As part of his job, Doron will be responsible for the underclothing department, which includes the European market and the upper market in the United States, the socks department, the non-seam sewing department, the manufacturing activities of these departments and their worldwide sales.

Shlomo Doron (61) has a rich experience in global management and operations of international brand name companies in the clothing field. For the past two years, he has served as vice president for business development and as a member of the management of DIM Brands Apparel (the DBA Group) – the largest undergarment company in Europe, and owner of the Wonderbra, Playtex and Dim brands. He also served as CEO of the DBA Group’s Chantal Thomass brand. Four years earlier, Doron was the chief manager of “Sara Lee Courtaulds” undergarments in Britain, and was responsible for its contacts with the company’s large clients – Marks and Spencer, Victoria’s Secret, Debenhams, BHS and J.C. Penney.

Doron has a close acquaintance with Delta: From 1990 to 2002, he managed the Scottish division of the company for outerwear, and children’s and infants’ wear.

Doron is expected to begin his work at the company after the arrangements are completed for the end of his current job (at the DBA Group), but not later than the 31st of December 2009.

Isaac Dabah said that the appointment of Shlomo Doron as Chief Operating Officer will strengthen Delta’s management backbone and will improve the synergy between the Group’s elements in the manufacturing, purchasing, logistics, marketing and sales areas. “Thanks to his management, operational and business experience in the fields that are relevant to Delta’s operations, and his knowledge of the players that Delta operates with, Doron will make a significant contribution to the Group, its business development targets and its results,” Dabah estimated.

The company also announced that Gil Admoni is joining its operations as CEO of Delta Marketing Israel. Admoni will fill the position of Yoram Weinberger, who is leaving the job after 15 years of work with the company. Isaac Dabah complimented Yoram Weinberger’s tremendous contribution to the development and profitability of Delta Marketing Israel.

Delta further announced the departure of Tzvika Shamir, CEO of the European undergarments division and the upper market segment in the United States. The company thanks Shamir for his service and contribution to the company.

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