Yes, you do! Honoring the Women of Delta Galil
Open letter from CEO Isaac Dabah
7 March 2018

As a global employer, Delta Galil is a company made of employees from all over the world. Moreover, 77% of our work force are women.

I am proud to say that during the years women at Delta have played a variety of roles and today we witness women of all ages and positions who are leading in their fields; from strategy to finance, from marketing to sales, from information systems to engineering, from design to textile technology, from human resources to logistics and so many more…
As a company that believes in diversity as a core value, the presence of so many women is no wonder.

Women choose to work with us not only because 51% of our products are produced for ladies, but because we provide an inclusive work environment, encouraging personal and professional development as well as committing to the care and wellbeing of our associates and their families.

At Delta Galil, we give each one the chance to grow and develop. Those who dare, who put their heart and passion into their work are those who grow with the us. I am happy to say that many women are growing with us, making Delta a better company every single day.

Today I want to salute the women of Delta Galil for making this company what it is. Yes, you do!


Isaac Dabah