We believe an investment in innovation is an investment in our future
At Delta, innovation is a way of life

In this complex, ever-changing environment in which we live, the need for innovation is vital.

That’s why we are constantly on the lookout for the next big thing and our team of technologists, designers and marketing professionals work incessantly to find the best solutions for market needs.

We believe an investment in innovation is an investment in our future.

Today, Delta Galil leads the industry in technological innovation in textile manufacturing, products and design. Lead by our Body Before Fabric™ philosophy, we invest a great deal of time and money developing new fabrics, products, finishing technologies and marketing concepts – always with the end user in mind, and all created at Delta Galil Labs™.

Creative as our innovations are, our innovative process is systematic and structured and includes: market research, consumer insights, networking experts, external cooperation, inventive thinking tools, wear trials creative and testing ways, certifications, and marketing concepts. The process is continuous and ongoing and creates significant breakthroughs, which touch every aspect of the business.

Global Development & Marketing (GDM)

Driven by the urge to offer our customers tailored solutions and striving to meet the high standards we set for ourselves, as well as the high expectations of our customers, we found that working together within one unit – the GDM unit – allows us to reach these goals. Within the GDM unit technologists work closely with design and marketing; it is the cooperation between the three departments that leads us to achieving growth.

The main aim of the GDM unit is to initiate and lead the organization’s innovation, as well as market those innovations to all Delta business units, on a global level. This activity allows Delta to enjoy true synergy between innovation and marketing, encouraging the sharing of knowledge and increasing the successes of all of the units.

On a personal note

Esti Maoz delta galilI have been with Delta from day one; I managed Delta’s first manufacturing sites across Israel and later moved on to managing the fabric and product-development unit, which focused on new product categories. In late 1991 I moved to the USA to establish Delta’s operations in North America. Over 12 years I grew sales from zero to $100M each year, and I loved every challenging moment of it. Upon my return I was asked to establish the Global Development and Marketing (GDM) Unit – A business unit and team I am proud to be part of.

Esti Maoz,
SVP Chief Marketing Officer