Innovation is our way of life

Smadar Aharonson Delta Galil Labs


I believe that a person who is creative, is creative in every aspect of their lives; with their kids, in the kitchen, solving problems, writing… When you’re creative it comes through in everything you do….

I have been with Delta Galil for almost 11 years, and as Head of Design responsible for the creative side of the innovation team, I am often asked: ‘What can you possibly still invent in the world of Panty’s’ well, to be honest – there is much to invent, but even I am often surprised by what we come up with.

I love what we all do together as a creative team and I feel lucky to be a part of it!

Our every day work entails finding the ‘next big thing’. We constantly challenge ourselves to find what doesn’t exist and create it for our customers – to become market leading products. Our success is a result of hard work, team work – and a positive environment that invites open mindedness and accepts differences in opinions and ideas.

In leading my team I always remind them to: “be BRAVE, not be AFRAID, think OUT OF THE BOX, be ORIGINAL, don’t duplicate, EXCITE people. Be SMART and calculate your steps in advance.”

Although I grew up in a provincial area, far away from Victoria’s Secret flag ship store on 34th St. in Manhattan, I believe that when you know what you’re doing, and if creation and imagination are in your core – you can design for anybody.

My name is Smadar Aharonson, I’m married to Gilad and we have 4 kids.

We live in a beautiful kibbutz in the upper Galil, in the north of Israel.