Innovation is our way of life

Shira Haver Karasik Delta Galil Labs


Hi, my name is Shira Haver Karasik, I studied textile design at Shenkar Collage, today, I am a Senior Designer at Delta Galil, working on the Victoria’s Secret line.

I am a proud member of the GDM design team and feel lucky to experience and be part of true innovation in my daily work – new fabrics, new technologies, new trends and new ideas – to which, I apply my magic and turn into a product.

Being a designer at Delta Galil means every day is an adventure, and as I always knew (even as little girl, dressing up my Barbie bolls) I wanted to be a fashion designer, it’s wonderful that I get to live my dream…

I am married to Ehud and the mother of two beautiful and energetic young boys.

I love design, crafts and DIY projects and draw much inspiration from my Kibbutz, which is located atop rolling green hills. My roots are in the grounds of this region as I live and raise my children in the place my grandparents build 78 years ago.