Innovation is our way of life


My name is Iris.  I began my work at Delta as a graphic designer.

Today, I lead and manage Delta’s Graphic Design Department, which I built with my own two hands; as such I invest all of my passion and professionalism into it.

Throughout our work we are commercially driven and still make sure to emphasize our own style and identity.

In this digital age, when attempting to create a cross organizational visual language, I make sure to remain up-to-date with the latest trends, those that rise from social events that leave their mark on all of us, in addition to art, films, blogs, food and just about anything  that has  a visual say and an esthetic  language.

I have a  “fetish” for unique materials  that excite my curiosity  and inspire me greatly at work.

On a personal level, I love music, drawing, photography and collecting books.

I enjoy touring the world, seeing different cities and getting familiar with their style and design, drawing inspiration from the places and communities I come across.

I am thrilled to be part of such a creative team and to lead our graphic designers in establishing a language that is recognized as the “Delta” language around the globe, between our various international customers  and at Delta Israel’s point of sale.

It’s great being an associate in a dynamic company that grows, develops and innovates, creating new worlds for our customers every single day.