Innovation is our way of life

Eli Almog delta galil labs


Hi, my name is Eli Almog and I have been Chief R&D technologist at Delta Galil since 1998 – one of the founders of the Seamfree division.

I studied production engineering with a textile orientation and acquired most of my professional knowledge, over the last 30 years, through self-learning and hours of research spent in development departments, knitting rooms, spinning factories, and labs. Over the years I also took various courses and gained vast experience working for 15 years in the hosiery business of the Gibor-Sabrina Group, as an R&D and business development team member.

Today, my days consist of working together with the designers, developers and marketing team and leading the strategic development of innovative new fabrics, yarns, and knitting techniques and process, translating ideas into innovative products.

I also instruct the technical development team on every new product and visit China every month to lead and instruct developments at our Chinese sites.

I participate in client meetings, sit with the marketing team and attend conferences, in order to provide the best tailored technical and price targeted solutions to our clients.

Finally, I am responsible for the seamless equipment and machines, their development and improvements, but always continue to search for new innovations and development to lower the costs of yarn.

Outside of work, I enjoy reading scientific and professional literature, do sport, draw, listen to music and mostly spend time with my wife Hagit, and four children – Natalie, David, Yonatan and Avigail.