Innovation is our way of life

Dalit Teicher Morag delta galil labs


Men & Innovation are my everyday challenge!

My name is Dalit Teicher Morag, I graduated Shenkar College as a Textile designer and today work as a Senior Designer in the GDM team, specializing in men’s underwear.

I design and am responsible for the Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein and Spanx collections, but my main role is to explore & find the next big ideas in the world of men’s underwear.

My inspiration comes from global trends, shopping tours, marketing, new technology, new fabrics, meetings with customers, team brainstorming session and so much more…  Once we have an idea, my job is to use my experience & creativity to transform it from an idea into a successful commercial product.

Innovation is a big word – to me it means being passionate, using all of my senses, thinking outside the box and never forgetting to have fun!

Outside of work I love creating different crafts such as crochet dolls (“Amigurumi”) and pottery, and generally using my hands.  I also enjoy listening to music and taking early morning walks, which open my mind and clear my senses.

Finally, and perhaps most important, I’m happily married and the proud mother to three amazing boys.