Innovation is our way of life

Ayelet Yaacov Delta galil labs


My name is Ayelet Yaacov.
I have always seen the world through the visual sense – colors, patterns, shapes. And so, it was the most natural thing for me to go and study fashion design at Shenkar college.

I began working at Delta Galil when my daughter was 8 months old, and over the last 18 years I have watched them both grow.  I too, grew, learnt and developed at Delta, and I am grateful to have found such a special and unique workplace; where each day and each period is a new era, full of new challenges and opportunities.

Today I am the Executive Designer of the Men’s Section. The position is a wonderful combination of creativity, design and the commercial aspect of a product.
My work requires an understanding of technology, psychology, sociology, economy, marketing and innovation. It’s about understanding the REAL needs of the end consumer – the men of today. It’s about considering the needs of the mass market vs. upper market, European market vs. American market. Different markets, different consumer behaviors.

The essence of my job is to create new products, beginning with the yarn and fiber, through the fabric, the pattern, the shape, the elastic, the package and finally how it will look on the shelf.

I believe that team work and true enthusiasm are an important driver for growth and success and that a deep love for the product and the process are an important driver for a good team – I believe my team has all that and more. That’s how we continuously come up with new ideas and solutions.                                        

Outside of work, I am a proud wife and mother to that 8 month old baby girl, Mika… who is today a beautiful and grown up woman of 18, and Ilay and Yali, 12 year old twin boys.

I live in a pastoral village in a green valley outside of Tel Aviv with my dear husband, who supports me and helps me to combine and balance what is today a common but complicated work & family life.

I’m almost 50 years old, which I believe is a special age because, it’s safe to assume, more than 50% is behind me – and yet, I am still excited by the new challenges that surely lay ahead.