We believe an investment in innovation is an investment in our future
What makes us unique
Our Body-Before-Fabric Approach

At Delta Galil we strive to develop products with a clear vision and a unique approach. Our body-before-fabric™ approach explores human physiology, examines the body’s interaction with different textiles, considers people’s changing lifestyles and delivers the one thing in all of our creations that never goes out of fashion – comfort.

Our Innovision

Our Innovative technologies and intellectual property give our customers a leading advantage in their markets.

Our innovation teams invest much time and resources identifying, exploring and developing new technologies and the latest trends. Working closely with our customers, we develop products that improve their standing in the market and take them to the next level.

The DGL™ philosophy

Committed to research and development, Delta Galil Labs™ is the only center of its kind in the world; boasting state-of-the-art equipment and utilizing the most advanced technologies to create innovative fabrics and garments. In creating our breakthrough designs we maintain constant contact with the end users, learning and understanding their needs. It is this knowledge that allows us to address each of their issues and concerns, from look & feel to support, comfort, fit and functionality.

delta galil labs - technologies

Over the years we have launched numerous genuinely innovative projects that have impacted their respective categories and demonstrated advances in textile development, manufacturing processes and products. These include: RCC, RLC, RLS

Keeping our designers at the cutting edge

At Delta Galil we make sure that our team of highly creative designers have the most advanced design tools, attend external industry trade shows as well as internal creative workshops and are encouraged to experiment. We believe it is this creative and innovative environment that allows them to foresee the coming trends, design truly insightful new products and deliver fresh, creative, feasible ideas on a regular basis. Our proprietary, state-of-the-art technologies serve as a springboard for developing innovative manufacturing processes and products, tailored to each sector and age category. Our Global Development & Marketing department works in synergy, for the benefit of our customers, with our design centers that are based in Israel, the US and the UK.