Delta Galil and the Shenkar College present
"Something to run with" - designing fashionable technology
20 July 2017

We recently participated in an extraordinary event at The Shenkar College of Engineering and Design where 16 students presented their final projects for a Active Wear design course in cooperation with Delta Galil. We were represented by two former graduates of the Shenkar College Osnat Leon, VP of Purchasing and Natalie Ravhon, Senior Designer, who worked hand in hand with the college staff, mentoring the students and guiding them throughout the course. Each student had to design and manufacture a complete set of items that was showcased in a runway presentation at Shenkar.

This is the second year of the Active course, a special program for 2nd year students of the Fashion Design department at Shenkar College, the most prominent design school in the country and one of the top 10 in the world. The course curriculum was developed in cooperation with Delta Galil and is meant to introduce students at Shenkar to current fashion trends, textile technologies and processes used by the industry. The theme of this years course was “Something to run with”, focusing on running active wear, and the usability and functionality of the designs.

In addition, the students were asked to choose a role model that inspires and empowers them, and use them as inspiration and to add a dimension of depth to their designs. The final products from the course were presented by the students themselves, including ready items worn by models and background information given by each designer about special features in their work and their design process. Each design received feedback and a professional critique from both the college staff and the Delta Galil representatives.

“This showcase is really remarkable for a 2nd year course. We were all very excited during the whole process, witnessing the students going through the different stages and all the changes that happened during our work together.” Said Osnat Leon at the event, addressing the students. ”You all gained an understanding of the human body, now you need to try and focus on the appearance – the products have to also look good and compliment the human form. This project gave us all so much, myself included, the experience was very inspiring and opened us to new ideas. It is wonderful to see new and innovative concepts come to life.”

This special course with the Shenkar College is just one of many unique programs by Delta Galil, proving that there is great value in giving back to the community. As an industry leader, Delta Galil is translating the company spirit into actions and involves young and upcoming designers in real-life processes, giving them knowledge and tools to someday develop the next generation of fashion.