All About Batsheva and Delta Galil
The Story of a Special Connection
27 May 2018

Delta Galil is proud to unveil our newest cooperation with the world renown BatSheva Dance Company in a unique photoshoot presenting Delta Galil products and categories. We are excited to share this exclusive ‘behind the scenes’ video featuring the BatSheva dancers in their Delta Galil outfits.

To learn more about this special project we talked with Hila Ephrati Halper, Director of Corporate Communication, who initiated the connection between the Israeli dance company and Delta Galil Industries and managed the process.

How the collaboration with BatSheva came to be?

We initiated this cooperation in an attempt to materialize and express our vision of ‘Body Before Fabric’; this guiding principle is present in every aspect, from design to manufacturing, and it represents our approach to consider the human body as our primary customer. Choosing a modern and progressive dance company to model Delta Galil products was such a natural fit, who better to really explore what our items and designs are all about?

What was the goal in this project?

The challenge of this photoshoot was to successfully capture and convey an emotion. That is not a simple task. Creating through image the feeling of wearing a product by Delta Galil, how comfortable and flattering they are while still allowing every range of movement… This concept was presented beautifully and with so much impact as the dancers showcased the various products. They use their bodies to express their art, and they all really did find a way to portray each and every item they wore, giving it a life of its own through pose and movement.

Delta Galil is a textile and fashion company. Why pick dancers over models?

The connection between art and fashion is a natural part of Delta Galil, we took this chance to work with a modern, innovative dance company whose reputation is of new frontiers and expanding the world dance and choreography. It was an opportunity to bring forth the variety of Delta Galil in a new way – thinking outside the box and imagining new interpretations in a fashion setting.

The work process with the BatSheva Dance Company was interesting and so much fun. These gifted and energetic dancers brought more than just themselves to this photoshoot, looking at them work made an event out of it. They pour their souls into their dance and that same energy was present as they wore Delta products, moving with them and connecting with them as a second skin.

Global corporate and local art combined

This cooperation with BatSheva is also a chance for us as a company to support Israeli art, and much more; to really connect with local creators and artists who speak the universal language of dance and movement, who speak the Delta Body Language. When wearing our fashion, using dance and using the body, it is a great denominator as it relates to all crowds and any audience, just like Delta Galil. We make an endless array of products designed to enhance the body and work with it, going back to the universal basics of feel, comfort and use.

Being a global company puts as at an advantage, as we can create this kind of singular moment where industry meets performance arts, creating something very special together. At Delta Galil we believe in being part, participate in the community in a meaningful way and hopefully make both worlds better for it.

Click here to watch our ‘behind the scenes’ video!