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17 December 2013


Delta’s Program for the Advancement of Ethiopian Students in Cooperation with the University of Haifa

Delta has recently launched a leadership program, in cooperation with Haifa University. The program aims to empower and encourage leadership among Ethiopian students. The program was initiated by Delta Galil in cooperation with the Friends of Haifa University in Israel Association and the university’s Department for Academic and Personal Assistance.

The 30 students who have already embarked on the program will receive individual tutoring in order to ensure their academic success. In addition, the students will attend professional workshops that will include a total of 98 enrichment hours per student; professional supervision will include a workshop that teaches academic skills, personal empowerment and integration into the workforce. Other topics will be included (among others): inter-personal communication, job placement skills and rhetoric, in addition to personal supervision and group meetings. The content will be presented by university lecturers. As part of the program, in addition to the assistance they receive, starting in their second year students will volunteer in the community.

The program was designed to help Ethiopian students realize their academic, personal and social potential. The leaders nurtured in the program will enjoy a multi-disciplinary education that will allow them to integrate into the employment market and constitute a significant force toward the advancement of Israel’s Ethiopian community.

Isaac Debah, Director General of Delta Galil, said: “Delta Galil believes in the integration of professionals from various cultural backgrounds into various positions, while aspiring for excellence and creativity. We are happy to have found true partners – with a social worldview and a belief in equal opportunity – at Haifa University. I am confident that the enrichment program will be tremendously beneficial not only to its graduates, but also to Israeli society as a whole”.

“Haifa University offers outstanding research and teaching, but also has additional targets, such as proving how all segments of Israeli society can reach great achievements in an environment which is tolerant of the “other”. The first attorney of Ethiopian descent graduated from Haifa University, and so we continue to invest in narrowing social gaps through academic studies and through the cultivation of Israel’s next generation of leaders – as is the case in this program,” explained Mr. Amos Shapira, President of Haifa University.

The program will be implemented for five years and is part of the Delta Galil social responsibility plan.