Our New Day Care Center is Now Open
Delta Galil Inaugurates One of a Kind Facility in Jordan
6 October 2016

Delta Galil is proud to announce the grand opening of the new child day care center at our factory in Jordan!

We know that the key to our growth are our people, our employees. Therefore we devote great efforts and resources to create better work environments at our facilities, wherever we operate around the world. This year we opened a children’s day care center at our factory in the All Hassan Estate near Ramtha, Jordan. This is the first of its kind center in Jordan, and was established in cooperation with the Jordanian Ministry of Labor and the National Council for Family Affairs, Chaired by Queen Rania of Jordan.

Our factory in Jordan was established in 1996 and has joined the 140 facilities operating in All Hassan Estate. What makes this factory so special is the fact that about 90% of our employees are women, more than half are married with children. We formed a new HR department at this factory, and focused mainly on welfare and wellbeing issues raised by our employees; dealing with a range of subjects like vacation schedules and personal care. During 2016 the center was built with the help of the Council and local government authorities who also provided professional assistance, working in full compliance with local law and regulations. This new day care center is yet another step forward, alongside our previous achievements; ensuring health benefits, providing transport solutions and employing disabled individuals.

We believe that being an industry leader means setting the highest standard in every aspect of business, especially when it comes to our people and communities. That is why Delta Galil is constantly striving to improve, finding new ways to invest back in our employees. With this day care center we are setting an example, demonstrating how a company can benefit from supporting employees and how giving back to the community is not just a slogan, but an actual business practice.

The center was inaugurated in a ceremony held on September 28th, in the presence of representatives from the Ministry of Labor, the NCFA fund and local officials.