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Where are Delta Shares traded?

Delta shares are traded at TASE "Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange" as DELT and in OTCQX as DELTI.

What are the main tickers for Delta shares?

The symbol of the Delta's shares are:


How can one purchase and sell Delta stock?

Delta shares can be purchased and sold at the TASE and the OTCQX.

How do I buy and sell shares?

Purchase and sell orders should be given to your bank or stockbroker.
If you wish to be a registered shareholder, you should contact the company’s secretary.

How many debentures does the company have?

The Company has 3 debentures:

A – Issued on August 2013
K – Issued partially on February 2010 and partially on December 2012
E – Issued on April 2012

What is Delta's annual turnover?

The company’s total revenues for Y2012 were $818 million. The Company’s forecast for Y2013 is $945 million.

How many outstanding shares does the company have?

25,988 K shares (as per August 2013).

What is the registered share capital?

The number of registered shares amount to 36,000K with a nominal value of 1 NIS each.

Does Delta have a dividend policy? What is the dividend policy?

The company has no contracted policy; however dividends are paid on a quarterly basis, as per the decision of the Board of Directors.

What is Delta’s debt rating?

Delta is rated by Moody’s as A2 stable for long term debt.

Historic share price data at year end for the last 10 years:

Year end – $ share

   2012    –  11.84
   2011    –  6.92
   2010    –  9.52
   2009    –  6.36
   2008    –  1.21
   2007    –  6.32
   2006    –  8.71
   2005    –  6.14
   2004    –  10.17
   2003    –  15.92
   2002    –  9.91
   2001    –  10.00

When was the company established?

The Company was established in 1975.

When did the company become public?

The Company became public at the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange in 1982.
The Company was also traded on Nadsaq from 1999 until 2007.

Who are the company’s main shareholders?

- The main shareholder is Isaac Dabah who holds, through GMM Capital and directly,(50.2%).
- Sterling Macro Investment Fund (6.5%).
- The Lautman family holds 10.3% of the company.
- Clal Finance Group holds 7.6% of the company.
- Phoenix group hold 5.6%.

Where are the company’s headquarters located?

Delta’s headquarters are located in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Who is Delta’s ADR register & Agent Transfer?


When does the physical year end?

December 31ST

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