The new home for Delta Galil online
Coming soon - Stories from around the world of Delta
8 November 2016

Some 40 years ago, the story of Delta Galil started with a small factory. Today, Delta Galil is a global force with many faces; a ground breaking innovator in the field of textile and fabric technologies, a family of fashion and premium brands and a leader in the industry.

Celebrating our recent anniversary, we decided we wanted to share our story with you!

Coming soon is our new home online – the “World of Delta”; an interactive platform featuring editorials, articles, profile pieces, videos, new innovations and much more.

The story of Delta Galil is one of progress and growth, and we intend to write the next chapter the same way we did before – by constantly pushing forward. We wanted to open a window into our world, share our accomplishments, activities and stories from all around the world of Delta.