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Payroll Specialist

The Payroll Specialist will compile and record employee time and payroll data. He/she may compute employees’ time worked, production and commissions. He/she may compute and post wages and deductions or prepare paychecks. This is a full time position at our Williamsport, PA offices.

Duties and Responsibilities

Compile payroll data such as garnishments, vacation time, insurance and 401(k) deductions.

Poll electronic time clocks (E-time software) and review the downloaded information for completeness and accuracy.

Contact various department supervisors for any missed times.

Process weekly transfer of payroll data to ADP.

Compile internal management reports from payroll system software.

Prepare and submit paper payroll checks for employees who do not have direct deposit

Collect banking information for direct deposit setup and initiate deposits on paydays

Familiarize yourself and keep current with the taxation of salaries, benefits and other factors

Process and monitor garnishment orders and other issues that impact payroll specifications

Maintain and document all payroll records

Respond to employee inquiries regarding payroll issues or concerns

Qualifications and Requirements

Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting preferred

Minimum 5 years’ experience in payroll

Experience with payroll processing and wage attachment

Experience with both exempt and non-exempt employees

Experience with multiple state payroll laws, including CA

Excellent organization and mathematical skills

Familiarity with Windows-based computer programs a must

Fluency in Spanish a plus

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